Top choice Surveillance Ltd.  Stocks and distributes high-quality petrol and diesel generators, as well as generator parts. We supply and install generators that last longer and are economical in petrol/diesel consumption. We supply both portable and stationary generators that are well suited for various uses, including powering large events, emergency back up for homes and offices, and powering construction sites where there is restricted access to mains electricity supply.


Installation & Commissioning

Our project team includes highly trained and experienced engineers will work closely with you from the start all through until your project is complete. They will ensure safe and successful delivery, installation and commissioning of the generating set with minimal disruptions to your business operation. They work in accordance with factory-issued commissioning procedures and written method statements and provide full commissioning certification for warranty validation.

After-Sale Service

The After-sales department makes sure the longevity of your Generator Sets is achieved by providing timely support. The support department offers quick and efficient services with a single objective to ensure customer satisfaction with an operational generator set