Turnstile & Gate Solutions

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Turnstile & Gate Solutions

Security and automatic control of access flow.


Access Flow Control

Engineered to industrial grade specifications, Top Choice Surveillance’s award-winning turnstiles are rugged and built tough for long lasting performance.If you need an effective security solution, turnstiles are an essential addition to your access and control plan.

Turnstile access control is often used in universities, stadiums, factories, warehouses, amusement parks, public transport stations, retail sites and so many more places. A turnstile gate is ideal for crowd management – providing your location with safety, convenience and efficiency. Top Choice Surveillance's turnstiles are ideal for use in stylish interiors thanks to their wide range of design options. These stylish turnstiles and swing doors provide an effective way of managing the flow of visitors and staff in prestigious entrance foyers, VIP areas or at the entrance to management floors. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems.


Speed Gates

All of the models of our automatic speed gates feature sleek and modern design so they can be incorporated in any facility. We can deliver gates of different sizes and specifications depending on the density of pedestrian flow and access locations.


We provide a wide range of turnstiles depending on the purpose, design and required technology. Our products are of the highest quality and the latest innovations so they are suitable for all of our clients needs and requirements.


Top Choice Surveillance Ltd designs entry/exit control for pedestrians and vehicles, including:

  • Vehicle & pedestrian gates
  • Pedestrian turnstiles
  • Integrates with access control, intrusion & video surveillance solutions

Gate and turnstile solutions for vehicle or pedestrian access that is as flexible or restrictive as needed, while ensuring safety and ease of use

Top Choice Surveillance Ltd outfits gate and turnstile solutions that solve business needs, such as control of unauthorized vehicle or pedestrian entry, without impeding proper traffic flow unnecessarily. Integrating these solutions within the overall security program leads to streamlined access control, perimeter, and surveillance throughout an organization.