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At Top Choice, we believe in customer service and customer satisfaction.×

Top Choice Surveillance Limited

Top Choice Surveillance Limited is an ISO9001:2015 Certified company with NCA Registration in the fields of building, electrical, security, information technology, roads and water engineering.

Top Choice Surveillance Limited bring together committed specialised and experienced work force, state of the art plants and equipment, high quality construction materials in order to realise even complex building, water and sanitation, electrical and mechanical construction projects – on schedule, of the highest quality while optimising the project cost

Top Choice Surveillance Limited boasts the best support system & services for its clients by partnering up with some of the best & the biggest brands and institutions in the business.

We believe in customer service and customer satisfaction.

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Why choose us

Everyday, our team of experts hand picks the best solutions

We are Flexible

We adapt to the changes of technology bringing our customers the best solutions to match their specific needs.

We are Updated

we regularly update our arsenal of security solutions to ensure our clientele receieve the latest & best in security options.

We are Transparent

We work round the clock tirelessly to provide any queries our customer have, Details can also be tracked through with our certified proffesionals

We are different

We believe in building longterm relationships with our clients. This helps our team to understand our clients challenges, hence working with us is more than just providing solutions.